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We're Starting a Blog!

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

We decided to share our voice with the world and grow an active online community!

Backroads Events
Meet Pat and Erin

Who We Are

Backroads Events was founded by Pat. She's amazing. She's the kinda gal who will offer you a beer and by the end of the night, you're best friends for life. She's radiant, genuine, and has a passion for building community. She's also one of the most ingenuitive people I've ever met. Absolutely bubbling over with ideas for events and ways to connect people.

I met Pat on the back patio of the Columbine Cafe, in Golden, CO, in 2016. It was the very first concert of the now infamous Backyard Bluegrass Series. My husband and I arrived late and missed the show. The band was packing up their gear and everyone was heading home but Pat noticed our arrival and invited us to join her and her friends to curb our disappointment. We instantly hit it off and have been good friends ever since! Eventually, I joined the Backroads Events team and we began planning and executing events together.

Pat is an idea factory! She is brilliant! With a background in developing fundraising events for non-profits, her passion to build community, love for people, and ginormous heart are the foundation of Backroads Events. It has been incredible to see so many unique events come to fruition, all with a common foundation. We begin planning every event with the question of, "how do we grow community?" The goal of each event is to harvest personal relationships amongst community members, foster community partnerships between businesses and organizations, and grant exposure to local entertainment and arts,

Oh! And I'm Erin by the way! My role in all of this is the digital and graphic side of things. Being a millennial, I fill a very cliché role in the company. I handle our websites, create our social media posts and advertising, create posters and marketing materials, and now write our blog!

Being that we are such a small grassroots company, we have a ton of flexibility and try to keep it real. Genuine, authentic, and unique experiences are what we aim for. Join me on our journey as we revamp in a post-COVID world and let me know if there are aspects of our development that you would like me to highlight in our blog!

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