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Join us Saturday, 10/2/21 at the Columbine Cafe for a day of Bavarian fun for the whole family. We'll be kicking the afternoon off with a 0.5K Lederhosen Run before delving into a night full of friendly competition, good laughs, free beer, live entertainment, and tons of fun.

Admission is $10/person and includes a beer! (KIDS FREE) Admission also includes participation in the 0.5K Lederhosen Run. Entrance into competitions are an additional cost.

Below is the schedule of events. Rules for each competition can be found by clicking the event. Each competition costs $10/person to participate. The winner takes the pot! For example, if 5 people participate in a competition, the winner will take home $50.

Fall Fest Poster (1).png

Kids Pumpkin Painting (FREE)                        3:00-7:00 PM

0.5k Lederhosen Run                                           4:00 PM

Cornhole Competition                                          5:00 PM

Yodeling Competition                                           6:00 PM

German Costume Competition                               7:00 PM

Steinholding Competition                                      8:00 PM

Live Performance by
Shaun Nicklin and Burn it Blue                      8:30-11:00 PM

(participation includes automatic entrance into Giveaway for a year's supply of Tommyknocker beer!)

(Advance regisitration required)

Image by Markus Spiske
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